We need you with us.
As comrades & partners. As friends.
As change-makers who will make that crucial bit of difference to the lives of Everygirl. Everywoman. Everywhere.

C3 works to enable a world where women and girls have agency over their lives, bodies, education and work opportunities. For over 30 years, we have been working on creating women leaders who can influence administrative, education and health policies of the country to better the lives of others.

C3 is committed to building a world where girls and women are capable and confident to meet and overcome challenges at every stage of their lives. A world radiant with their smiles and their positive energy. Your invaluable support will help build that world – by generating a lifetime of opportunities for over 2 million girls and women who will survive neonatal death, life-threatening health problems in early childhood, being forced out of school and into early marriages, and dangers to the life of mother and child during maternity. It will help build that world by nurturing and equipping these girls and women, and transforming them into leaders.

You ask. we answer.
How will my donations be used?

They will help run C3’s programs, which are all geared towards making a difference to the lives of girls and women across India. C3 will utilize them where the need is the highest. You can read all about our programs here.

Who else is donating?

C3’s supporters include some of the most prestigious organizations in the world. C3 is known and valued for its transparency and probity when it comes to fund utilization.

Can I make a small donation?

Yes, of course. We are a nation of over 1 billion people. If those of us who can, committed to spending a small part of our incomes every month to build the lives of others, we can change the world much faster.

The C3 credibility charter
  • We are totally transparent. We place our Financial Reports in the public domain, on our website, for everyone to see.
  • Our Monitoring and Evaluation team conducts thorough reviews of all our projects. The impact reports are shared on the website.
  • We keep our top donors informed about all organizational developments. We also, often, seek their advice on the development of their contribution on the lives of the communities which C3 supports.
Donate as an organization.

C3’s programs provide the necessary guidance and support to girls and women at all stages of their lives. We start with making sure her adolescent years are healthy and that she is equipped to make the right decisions in life, whether it is for her education, health, career, marriage or parenthood. Currently, our programs are active in five states of India.

With support from your organization, we can scale up and replicate our successful programs in other states in India. Our mission is to reach 20 Lakh more girls by year 2025.